If you would like to buy something from us than please fill out the "Contact" page. In the comments section tell us what you want and we will let you know if it is available or not.

Website Themes

If you would like to buy our latest RGB Raw Themes and you are logged in or have an account with Wikidot than please go to:


If you are not logged in with Wikidot or don't want to bother creating another account than got to the "Contact" page and PM Creative Thinkers saying you want to buy a certain Theme Package.

Note: You can not as of this moment in time buy one separate Theme. What you do after you received the Theme Package is on you.

Website Logos

We currently are doing Website Design for Hire. Just simply go to the "Contact" page Fill out the form and in the comments sections say you want to have us do Website Design for you.

Private Server Development

We are currently also fixing Private Servers. If you need help developing, maintaining,repairing/fixing a Private Server, or their wiki than please go to the contact page, fill out the form and in the comments section tell us that you want us to fix/repair,develop,maintain your private server.

Please note we will not tolerate spamming.

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